July 22, 2014

Lily Hoang reviews Inside Madeleine at Review of Contemporary Fiction

Lily Hoang shares her thoughts on Inside Madeleine at the Review of Contemporary Fiction. Click here to buy it.  I feel so grateful to have the appreciation of readers from all genders, races, and ages, but when young women connect to this particular book, I feel a unique satisfaction. I don't write with an audience in mind, but sometimes after the fact, I realize I was trying to write to, speak to, not exclusively, but geared in my head at the time, to my old self- a young woman. This does not take away from how many men and people of all ages have been amazing readers and reviewers of my work. In fact, I would also use the word unique when men really seem to get what I'm trying to do. Different kinds of gratitude, I guess.

"Dynamite and obscene, Paula Bomer’s third book Inside Madeleine is a collection unapologetic stories. They are stories of feminine defiance without shame."

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