October 31, 2012

Interviews in The Believer and Volume 1 Brooklyn

Thanks so much Shya Scanlon for talking to me about NINE MONTHS (click here). Shya is one of my favorite writers (click here to learn more about his novel FORECAST) and favorite people, too. So this interview was especially fun for me. Unfortunately, I discuss The Human Stain by Philip Roth prior to his excellent open letter to Wikipedia that was published in The New Yorker where he expertly explains the origins of that novel and how Wiki (and many critics, and myself) got it all wrong. I stand corrected, Phil.

Also, Tobias Carroll asked me some great questions at Volume 1 Brooklyn, a favorite literary website of mine. Interestingly, I contradict myself a bit in these two interviews regarding Philip Roth and Nathan Zuckerman. The more I discuss NINE MONTHS the more I realize I still haven't completely clarified all of my feelings about the novel. And that's OK. I'll get there.

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