April 24, 2010

"Mennonites" in The Broken Plate

My very short story, "Mennonites" is in The Broken Plate, a journal out of Ball State University. This makes me very happy, as I am from Indiana and have always wanted to be published by a journal in Indiana. You can buy it here.


Jason Jordan said...

Congrats, Paula. I enjoyed your contribution. Where are you from in Indiana? I was born in Louisville, but raised in New Albany. I was glad to have my work in TBP because I went to Ball State for a little while. :)

pr said...

Thanks Jason! I just finished reading yours and loved it.

I grew up in South Bend and submit stuff (or used to) to the Indiana Review, Notre Dame Review and so on- because- my homestate, man! So I'm happy to be in Ball State's review- very much so.

Jason Jordan said...

Thank you, Paula. Appreciate the feedback.

I tried Notre Dame Review once. No dice, though.

Ryan W. Bradley said...

awesome! congrats. i love that story!!