February 26, 2010

An Interview with Mary Gaitskill

How did I not see this until now? A fantastic interview with Mary Gaitskill at Bomb. In it, she quotes Simone Weil:

"This world is the only reality available to us, and if we do not love it in all its terror, we are sure to end up loving the “imaginary,” our own dreams and self-deceits, the Utopias of the politicians, or the futile promises of future reward and consolation which the misled blasphemously call “religion.” The soul has a million dodges for protecting itself against the acceptance and love of the emptiness, that “maximum distance between God and God,” which is the universe; for the price of such acceptance and love is abysmal misery. And yet it is the only way."

Also, Matthew Sharpe and she discuss "In The Ravine" by Chekhov. You can read "In The Ravine" here.


Rose Hunter said...

I've been meaning to come over to your blog earlier. I like this quote too, although I'm still pondering the second half.... But mostly I wanted to say that I just read your story "Pussies" - great story! Is it part of the upcoming book?

pr said...

Thanks Rose! "Pussies" is not in my upcoming book- but it is part of another collection I hope to also get published someday.