September 2, 2009

Another Brandi Wells Review story!

Also, I have another piece on Brandi Wells Review (click here). I love her site and her own fiction so much, I have to stop myself from sending her everything I write. I initially wrote the piece for Colored Chalk's heaven/hell issue (which you can read by clicking here), but couldn't be more thrilled to havc it up at Brandi's review.


Anonymous said...

Great piece, Paula!

I love Brandi's site and her writing.

I know, you're right of course, I should be back in bed. Alarm in 211 minutes or so.

pr said...

Thanks David, for reading my piece and saying nice things. I really appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Paula, thanks for your kind note. I'm still "tweaking" that longer piece. By "tweaking" i mean trying to find a current copy in word. My last computer died and the only version I emailed myself has little problems like inconsistent names, etc. Will get to you a bit down the road. Have a great weekend!!! david