June 3, 2009

North Punk Press Publishes "An Important Day In The Joyful Life of Marjorie Wallace"

It's Up! North Punk Press releases the ebook and pdf for my short story "An Important Day in the Joyful Life of Marjorie Wallace". Click anywhere here to see what they have to say and get more links. I'll be permanently linking the story on the right.

This is a teaser for a forthcoming three story chapbook, The Metamorphosis, that North Punk Press will release in the fall.


Anonymous said...

"a strange, horrible, marvelous one. It wasn't normal."

it isn't normal. yes. that opens things up a little. life isn't normal. i feel slightly rotated. nice.


pr said...

thanks for reading my story.

Anonymous said...

Hi ,

Just read your story Pussies in Night Train.

Great Stuff.


pr said...

Thanks, Damian.