April 22, 2009

The Second Half of "Ten Things Wrong"

Here it is:

Thanks Brandi, for posting my story.


Ryan W. Bradley said...

Hell yes! and killer last sentence!

pr said...

Hey, Ryan! Thanks so much for reading it and you made my day with your nice words.

Ryan W. Bradley said...

it was a nice respite from the slow work day here on the left coast.

Anonymous said...

hey paula,

wanted to contact you about submitting to an upcoming issue of something i'm editing, and couldn't find your contact on this blog, maybe i'm an idiot - we are coloredchalk.com and i'm editing issue #9, the theme is heaven and hell, and would love to get 500-1500 words from you (especially heaven)- you can also email me at wickerkat@aol.com if you have more questions, and my blog is at whatdoesnotkillme.wordpress.com


deadline is june 30 - past issue have included stephen graham jones, joe meno and joey goebel