October 13, 2008

A new short story "Pussies" published on Night Train

The wonderful Rusty Barnes edits Night Train, and also is the author of Breaking It Down, a collection of flash fiction published by Sunnyoutside Press. I've been a huge fan of Night Train for years- I've discovered great writers through reading it, like Scott Wrobel and T.J. Forrester -- so I'm very excited to be in it. Here's the link:


Laura Ellen Scott said...

"Lise"? Sez "Pussies" which is way more interesting. Editorial skirmish? anyway, I'm a new fan (wrobel! oh sure)--can't wait to settle in with this.


pr said...

No, Laura, I messed up - it was my working title and I meant to change it-- and I am not the most organised person. Thanks for stopping by and pointing out my error! I really appreciate it.